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(100kb) Uncompress thumbnail
F-Meleon (K-Meleon Skin)
Updated the file. It's at 820KB, if with 2 colors icons: 470+KB.
Note that You may stick with "Medium Icons" Option (Due to Large Icons displaying as Invisible)

Smallest Imageres.dll
Smallest Imageres.dll (Themes)
For Win7-11 Users: Apply themes by using Deskn.cpl(or others desk.cpl) + Classic Theme.
Windows Themes
My little Windows Themes (Themes)
Only for Windows 7!
x32: Open the SysWOW64 Folder(.7z you're using) then drag&
drop to System32 Folder, You need a .reg to Take Ownership files.

5112 ExplorerFrame
5112 ExplorerFrame (Themes)
Try the tutorials I made if you can't complie AvalonBar's source code
It's in Clock, Clock.res folders if you want to know where it is
LH/Vista Clocks
LH/Vista Clocks for AvalonBar (Themes)

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